Best practices for industrial or manufacturing website design


The importance of competently developed manufacturing web design for B2B businesses

The first impression from industrial website design is crucial for your business. To attract new customers and partners in the B2B sector, you have to convince them that your company has lots of perspectives for the development, your offer is the best and that many, except you, think in the same way. To run a profitable business, you need to pay attention to the attractiveness, an aesthetic component of the website and, of course, its functionality.

The purpose of an industrial website is to establish a relationship with a client representing another business. That's why, it must be properly optimized, have clear navigation and architecture and call-to-action components. Only a competently developed web resource in compliance with all the requirements will help to achieve the following business objectives:

  • attracting customers not only in one city, region or even a country, but the possibility of expanding business internationally;
  • saving costs for advertising for foreign customers and partners;
  • providing customers with the full scope of information about your business, including technical and financial information in which customers are interested the most;
  • growing your business with the help of partners (expand technologies or attract more investments).

For whom the industrial or manufacturing web design will be the most useful? For example, contract manufacturing companies that produce cosmetics, medicaments, computer parts and so on. Also, companies that manufacture equipment, materials or details that clients may purchase for the final product creation, for example, cars. A web agency that offers its website development services or Internet marketing, when presenting its services online, also should adapt its content and functionality using B2B web design trends.

How to design a website and what are B2B trends for the next years?

Simple navigation. Visitors want to find what they are looking for very fast and easy and not to lost among numbers of pages. Navigation links that industrial websites must have: about us, our services or our products, careers, FAQS, contact us, blog, industry, in specific cases it can be our technologies, facilitates, confidentiality, quality. The success of a web resource will always depend on convenient navigation.

Correct fonts, colors, shapes. The main rule for developing good web design for a B2B company is to be stricter. It's crucial to choose the right colors and fonts, and make a website clear to the users, focusing their attention on your high professionalism.

Clear calls to action (CTA). Users want to know what exactly to do next on a site and usually do not want to spend a lot of time searching for the information they need. If potential customers do not find how to contact immediately, then, more likely, they will leave such a resource without taking the expected action.

Video content. A video is the most engaging content type that can increase the conversion rate. Imagine being an owner of a company manufacturing packaging for cosmetics. The decisive factor of using your product or not will be such components as aesthetics and functionality. And how else can you present the packaging, which should be visually attractive, if not using video?

When you start to create a website design, firstly think through every nuance that should work for the company's profit, and then about all the technical capabilities and components of the web resource.

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