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Differences between B2B and B2C web design

No matter what kind of business you are involved in, the goal of developing a website is to generate profit. Newest, advanced technologies allow forgetting about primitive design, clunky pages, and confusing interface. Instead, it gives a chance to produce a mobile responsive, user-friendly business site, applying the latest design tendencies. But ask yourself whether the solutions you choose for your site will be successful enough?

Why Animated Video is the Best Strategy for Your Social Media

Using animated videos for promotion is one of the trends in the online presence strategy. It allows telling a story in an engaging and catchy way. If businesses working on their web plan underestimate the benefits of this tool, more likely, they are losing clients and sales at this moment.

What is the Difference Between Web Development and Web Design?

Business owners and entrepreneurs, who are involved in Internet marketing, often ask Google about differences between website design and development. Investing in the services of a digital agency, you must understand that these terms are completely different and require unique sets of skills.

Creation of effective animated videos for your business

Animated video is a universal method of promotion for most business owners. This intelligent way of advertising does not force customers to buy products or services in an intrusive way. But presenting goods or services advantages, describing how to use them or showing how a client can solve problems by purchasing in your company is possible using meaningful animated videos.

Why Industrial & Manufacturing Businesses Need a Website

Does every type of business really need a site? Or when would investments in web development be worthless? If it is an industrial or manufacturing company, traditional advertising tactics may not be efficient at all.

Investing in website design: the right choice of a web development agency

Creation of any online business project is a complex process that requires an integrated and individual approach. And if we talk about choosing a digital agency for the development of web design for a site, which, in fact, a tool for the growth of sales, brand advertising or attracting new clients, then the most crucial things here are the experience of its specialists, the quality of the used technologies and a full-fledged team, where everyone fulfills their obligations.

Using modern technologies in animation: 3D visualization and its advantages

3D graphics help to find solutions that no one has ever used before. It is a platform for experimenting and searching for uniqueness. What are the positive aspects of using 3D modeling and animation?

Successful website for small business: main requirements for its creation

If you are an owner of small business and you still do not have an online presence strategy, this means you are losing a lot right now, at this specific moment. Potential customers, their loyalty and trust, sales and income, your competitive power…

Competent services of web development: Toronto competition and quality websites for its overcoming

There is no doubt that the creation of any site is a difficult and time-consuming process. But at the same time, it is one of the most powerful tools for products or services advertising.

Web development trends-2019: how to improve your business position through the functional website

What does the web development process include and website importance for business owners

What is web application, how it differs from a website and the main reasons for its development

In the modern world, where new technologies, online methods and tools for marketing strategies appear every day, it is crucial to keep up with this rapid progress.

How important animated advertisements for business

The initial task of every business promotion strategy is to provide the necessary information, so every client understands the company’s values, advantages over competitors and can strengthen trust and become more loyal.

Best practices for industrial or manufacturing website design

The purpose of an industrial website is to establish a relationship with a client representing another business. That's why, it must be properly optimized, have clear navigation and architecture and call-to-action components.