Why Animated Video is the Best Strategy for Your Social Media


Placing advertising materials in the worldwide network using various tools is the core of every Internet marketing. Business owners put the main message into graphics, texts, illustrations, or infographics. All these types of materials are a reliable way to present a company, brand, offers, products, or services. However, there is one method that surpasses others with its uniqueness and functionality. It is an animation. Using animated videos for promotion is one of the trends in the online presence strategy. It allows telling a story in an engaging and catchy way. If businesses working on their web plan underestimate the benefits of this tool, more likely, they are losing clients and sales at this moment.

Are you sure that your business can survive without video animation?

Statistics is proof that users, using social networks, most of the time watching videos. So animated content is a solution for increasing brand awareness, conversions, sales, confidence in your brand. It can grab attention in less than 10 seconds. So let’s look more closely at whether animations worth your attention, how it can impact your company, and why you should develop visual content for social media.

Total freedom. There are no limitations. Whatever your vision is, you can bring it to life. If something impossible to describe by words, it can be shown in the video. Do not be afraid to go beyond. The task here is not to comply with the rules but break them. The goal is to achieve a lasting impression on potential clients. Bringing any character to life or creating any scenes. The power is yours. You have a limitless tool at your disposal that can help you to be unique and overcome harsh competition. It is how you can stand out amongst the crowd. 

It’s shareable. Undoubtedly, a wider audience will watch it. People consume animations quickly. So if you give them something valuable and useful, they will share it on their Facebook or Instagram. They will spread it around the circle. Moreover, in such communication, there is no segregation. Based on your studying of the target audience, its preferences, needs, you make a decision about which platform and methods will influence them the most. Animated content is universal and can suit different groups of people despite gender, age, social status, demographics. 

Cost-effective. And unlike a regular video, you don’t need to worry about actors, props, locations, models, a camera, and other equipment when creating animated content. You do not need to invest in a full-fledged production with models, studios, and operators. All you need is an appropriate application or program. Ordering a project in specialists, you, of course, will get quality content at affordable prices, especially if you want to create animations for social networks. In this case, you need to cooperate closely with experts, so they strike the right emotional tone.

More Engaging. Clarity and simplicity are the main concepts here. Loads of information or statistical data are unnecessary. But to get your point across, it will be enough to create a friendly character to present some complex materials. You must keep it fun and entertaining. Otherwise, people will get bored. But delivering your message thought simplifying concepts, you will be able to grab the attention of a huge number of people.

Every business owner must keep in mind the following criteria, spreading video animation across networking sites:

  • the story should be clear, logical, focused on your audience;
  • keep it short and informative;
  • remember about autoplay in social networks, and do everything to catch viewers from the very first second;
  • keep it emotional, insightful, and appealing to all, applying the right design decision (color psychology, voiceover, pleasant music, high-quality pictures);
  • animating different types of content, like infographics, will increase the interest of online users;
  • your ad should not be offensive.

Where to start?

Our highly developed world offers lots of opportunities to advertise any business, and today, there are many free online tools for creating different types of animated content, which business owners can use on their own. Think over the concept and choose software that can satisfy your needs:

  • Animoto: this service will automatically create short videos from your photos. You can add music or text. If you want to make a video for a blog or social media, this tool is easy to use as it does most of the work for you.
  • Animatron: has a simple and intuitive interface; you do not need to know programming languages to work with the software; for businesses, it is a chance to make a captivating video for their growth while saving money.
  • Explee: it is an app for creating an explanation where animated elements are drawn by hand illustrating the voiceover on a clean white background; it is a perfect option for those who tired of cartoons and colorful components and wants a more innovative approach.
  • Vyond: it is a software for creating classy visual content without any obstacles; its interface is so simple that no special skills are required, and the possibilities are endless.
  • Kapwing: suitable for those who want to create stop motion animation for social networks; this tool can resize video for a specific network and has the option of adding subtitles.

Time to sum up!

Be connected with your potential buyers, boost sales, drive conversions are much easier and cheaper than you think. Developing video animations, you can overcome the monotony of your content and diversify your communication with the audience. Your clients will absorb this entertaining alternative to boring text and as a result, share it in social media. So join the side of interactive visual content, and you will not regret it.

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