What is web application, how it differs from a website and the main reasons for its development


In the modern world, where new technologies, online methods and tools for marketing strategies appear every day, it is crucial to keep up with this rapid progress. Websites are considered the most effective communication channel for business promotion. The main purpose is to provide the necessary information to its visitors, like the company’s description or contact details.

But for business owners, whose goal is to attract more users, convert them into buyers and expand the loyal customer base, will it be enough to develop such a static web resource? If yesterday, everyone was talking about the benefits of a website, today, an online resource that represents your company but delivers static content for all users will be not enough. Web application — this is a tool you should consider today, a solution which will lead your business to commercial success.

What is web application and its concept of work

If the visitors can interact with the materials and functions on a web resource and it responds to various specific requests of the users, then we are not talking about a website, but about a web application. In simple words, such an online application can be explained as a website based on interactivity. An example of an interactive component can be contact forms or shopping carts on a web page. The main difference is that a static informative website is determined by its content and an application — by its interaction with a user.

Technically, this is a client-server computer program, where the client is a browser, the server is a web server. Web pages that we see in our browsers can be static and dynamic. Every user sees a static page in the same way. The web server sends the content of this page at the request of the browser without any changes. In the case of a dynamic page, content will be generated when a particular user sends a specific request. How it works:

  • a user sends a request to the web server, through a browser or an application user interface;
  • the web server sends the received information to the server of this application for its processing, for example, if a person is authorized in the system, then a special software will help to create the necessary page with the data of this particular user and other relevant and useful information;
  • after data processing, the web server responds with the ready web page to the client (a web browser), which shows it to that visitor, who created the request.

One of the examples of using an Internet app can be a website that represents the services of a financial bank, where its clients can fill a form for ordering a new bank card or get access to their bank accounts. Also, one of the types of online application can be a ticketing system or a system for hotel reservation.

Benefits of web development of applications for business owners

Internet applications have gradually become an integral part of online strategies for lots of business owners. The following advantages are proof that app development can effectively solve a wide range of business issues and can facilitate a strategy of online presence.

Easy access

To launch a web app, a user does not need to install any additional software; it runs on any device with Internet access through a browser.

Data collection, storage and analysis

Through the application development, there is a possibility to save data directly in the database and to receive data for generation of reports. Forms for user feedback can be as the example of data collection and analysis.

Fast access to the information

If an online resource has many web pages or a large amount of content, then applications will facilitate the users' quick access to the information they need.


Any operating system, as well as any browser, is suitable for the operation of applications. So during the web development process, there is no need to create separate and adapted versions.

Because of these reasons, online applications have gained immense popularity. Their installation and updating are affordable. The productivity of results is impressive. It is worth to invest in an online application, as your money obviously will pay off through achieving set business goals.

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