Web development trends-2019: how to improve your business position through the functional website


What does the web development process include and website importance for business owners

Web development is a process that includes the main steps of the web application or website creation and their maintenance and promotion. For business owners, a competently developed attractive and functional online resource is a crucial element for the building of a promotion strategy. The presence on the Internet allows your business growing and achieving goals, regardless of which industry it is in, whether it is a furniture manufacturer or a cosmetic brand.

There are 4 main areas in the website development process:

  • Web programming
  • Web design
  • Web publishing
  • Database management

But these basic steps of the website creation are not everything. There are many small details and technical nuances that will contribute to the proper functioning of your web resource and compliance with them mostly depends on a custom website development company you have chosen and on the quality of the services it can provide.

Remember, that the world of technology does not stand still.  And in order to have the expected and productive results from the website development, be ready to follow trends, respond to rapid changes on time and be able to benefit from them.

Key trends and why web development tendencies are important for your business

Considering the complexity of the website development process, new trends can occur in its different spheres. It can be programming languages, web design or trends in the promotion of a web resource (SEO optimization).

So let's consider the main trends in web design and web development:

Progressive Web App (PWA)

This application will allow users to immediately interact with your website, as with the application, through its installation on a mobile device or any other gadget. As a result, users get new convenient functions, and business owners get a constant stream of visitors (stable traffic) and an increased conversion rate.

Mobile-friendly design

Creating web pages that are adapted to the size of different screens is a reliable option because a lot of traffic comes from mobile devices.


The upcoming year will surprise you with the level of quality of chatbots. Getting smarter thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, they really can replace the human. Although the first chatbots were introduced for about 20 years ago, 2019 will bring us improved technology and web interaction will be easier for users.

One-page websites

According to many experts, single-page websites are the upcoming breakthrough in online resource development, as people do not like to seek out information by opening an infinite number of pages.

3D effects

3D effects are not a new technology. However, not all websites use the opportunity to make the perception of information more realistic and comfortable, using three-dimensional effects.

Speed, convenience, simplicity, attractiveness and accessibility on mobile devices are the basic principles of 2019 web development trends. A well-designed website with all modern components will contribute to its successful promotion and optimization, which in turn will attract new potential customers, increase sales of your business and meet your needs as a business owner. Even some small details can be catching for an eye of a user and stimulate for making a purchase or using services.

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