How important animated advertisements for business


Are animated advertisements worth investments: advantages of using animation on the Web

The initial task of every business promotion strategy is to provide the necessary information, so every client understands the company’s values, advantages over competitors and can strengthen trust and become more loyal. But what are the most effective methods of presenting your products and services to the target audience on the Internet? If you want in a simple but memorable way to convey your messages to the world, then the animated adverts, banner ads or videos are your solutions.

Animation is a type of content that will not be ignored. If only a few people are willing to waste their time reading long articles, then a dynamic, short video containing animation is a kind of a hook for lots of your potential clients. It is a universal promotional tool for modern business. Popular brands and huge corporations very often use, for example, an explainer video to present purposes and features of their products or services. Small companies and startups also have an opportunity to expand their online promotion strategy using animated ads. The more attention business owners can attract, the higher the chance for them to be successful, even having lots of strong competitors.

Here are a few reasons, why it is worth investing money in the development of such promotional tools:

  • any idea, even the most complicated, can be easily explained with the help of animated videos;
  • dynamic video ads cause more emotion than long texts;
  • maximum information for the minimum time is a perfect option if you want your viewer to watch the video to the end, understand the concept of your offer and make the right decision;
  • the development process of animated advertisements requires less time and money compared to other marketing technologies;
  • with the help of animated characters, you can create a long-term relationship and a strong connection between your brand and consumers using jokes, irony, emotions; moreover, such characters stick in the memory for a long time;
  • animation can offer an excellent solution to the problem, convincing the buyers that they need proposed products or services.

With endless possibilities in terms of the implementation of creative ideas, animated marketing videos and adverts have a set of unique communicative characteristics that allow such content to be clear, succinct and, at the same time, influence people’s minds and perception.

The effectiveness of video animation and animated elements on the websites

In the world of modern technologies, the basis of the strategy for promoting any business is a website. The task for every web resource is to transform an ordinary visitor into an interested and loyal customer. It is possible to do by creating an animated video. For business, animation technology, having a significant advantage over all other types of information presentation, is more affordable. Let's look at more specific examples of how the development of an animation video for a website can impact the business as a whole.

Improving SEO. Using animation effects, you can improve site navigation and usability. As a result, video content contributes to the success of the process of your website optimization.

Boost traffic. Animated elements are an essential attribute for making a static website more interactive. If properly use this tool, animation can become a productive way to attract more visitors to the pages of your site.

High conversion rate. In many cases, animated components on a website can be used to draw the users' attention to important details and to help them make the right decisions.

Emotional connection. Due to the psychological characteristics of perception, a person perceives better visual information through images, videos and animated characters that bring aesthetic pleasure. In this way, your target audience, in addition to the positive relationship, will experience an emotional connection.

The use of modern animation technologies in online presence strategies significantly increases the effectiveness of advertising communication and the level of trust of potential clients.

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